Save The Frogs Day 2022 in Indiana with Owen-Putnam Friends of the Forest

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Event Details

The Owen-Putnam Friends of the Forest are hosting a Save The Frogs Day/Earth Day Event at the Owen-County Library, in Spencer, Indiana on April 30th from noon to 3 PM. They are partnering with several other organizations to make it a great community event to bring awareness to the plight of the frogs and nature. Events will include keynote speakers, crafts, songs, and education about amphibians, with live tadpoles, frogs, and salamanders visiting from the Owen-Putnam State Forest!

In the youth department, they will be serving up Earth Day pudding and frog cupcakes. There will be a screening of “Fern Gully, the Last Rain Forest,” and plenty of crafts and activities for children to learn about frogs, their life cycle, and challenges facing frog conservation efforts, like Atrazine poisoning and other dangerous chemicals causing ill effects on amphibians.

In the lower level of the library, they will have live musicians performing by the fireplace. They will also be screening informational movies that explain how deforestation in the Owen-Putnam State Forest will forever alter the frog’s habitat as well as highlight the effort to save the Rattlesnake Campground Area for the frogs.

Outside, they will have a native plant swap and offer the opportunity to make a terrarium out of plastic containers. There will be booths featuring the Hoosier Environmental Council, Indiana Forest Alliance, Sierra Club, Hoosier Chapter, and Climate Action NOW! You will learn recycling tips and get information about how to protect the hydrology in “special places worth saving,” like the Owen-Putnam State Forest.

For more information, you may visit the Owen-Putnam Friends of the Forest Facebook page.

“I celebrate frogs every day, now I can help other people realize they are in jeopardy and how important these little creatures are.”
— Lora Kemp, Owen-Putnam Friends of the Forest

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