The 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Ecotour

Save The Frogs Costa Rica Ecotour

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The inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Ecotour took place July 14th to 25th, 2017. Our group of 21 frog enthusiasts traveled across the country, visiting the jungles of Tortuguero and Sarapiqui; the Arenal volcano; the cloud forests of Monteverde; the beaches of the Pacific; and many points in between! We had the pleasure to encounter at least 33 amphibian species along the way; as well as over 140 bird species; 40 mammal species; crocodiles, caimans, iguanas and other amazing wildlife. We had classes on frogs, bats, turtles and ants; morning birdwatching walks; tours of chocolate and coffee plantations; we learned from local guides, naturalists and biologists; ate Costa Rican cuisine; learned about the country’s history and experienced its culture.

Pura vida and enjoy the photos!

Save The Frogs Costa Rica Ecotour 2017

Regions We Visited

Click these links to see photos from each of the regions we visited!

Tortuguero | Sarapiqui | Arenal | Monteverde | Pacific Coast | San Jose

Amphibians We Encountered

Agalychnis annae
Agalychnis callidryas
Bolitoglossa robusta 
Bufo marinus
Caecilian sp.
Craugastor bransfordii
Craugastor crassidigitus
Craugastor fitzingeri
Craugastor underwoodi
Dendrobates auratus
Dendropsophus ebraccatus
Dendropsophus phlebodes
Diaspora hylaformis
Diasporus diastema
Duellmanohyla rufioculis
Duellmanohyla uranachroa
Espadarana prosoblepon
Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni
Hyalinobatrachium valerioi
Hypsiboas rosenbergi
Incilius melanochlorus
Isthmohyla pseudopuma
Leptodactylus savagei
Lithobates vallianti
Lithobates warszewitschii
Oophaga pumilio
Pristimantis cruentes
Rana forreri
Rhaebo haematiticus
Scinax boulengeri
Smilisca baudinii
Smilisca phaeota
Tlalocohyla loquax



tortuguero agalychnis callidryas 5tortuguero boat group wavetortuguero basilisk 1tortuguero basilisk 2tortuguero boat canal group
“Costa Rica was fabulous btw- in case you didn’t see me having a wonderful time! Thank you.”
–Choti Singh

tortuguero heron 2tortuguero beach sunset 4tortuguero beach sunset 5tortuguero beach sunset 7tortuguero caimantortuguero canalstortuguero birdtortuguero foodtortuguero beach sunset 6tortuguero art toadtortuguero art toucantortuguero leptodactylus savagei 3tortuguero mouthtortuguero river 3tortuguero river pointingtortuguero river viewtortuguero stf tabletortuguero tiger heron 6tortuguero turtle 2tortuguero kerry beach flute atortuguero beach 1tortuguero beach 3tortuguero pumilio art


sarapiqui agalychnis callidryas 1sarapiqui agalychnis callidryas 2sarapiqui agalychnis callidryas amplexus 1sarapiqui agalychnis callidryas amplexus 2sarapiqui agalychnis callidryas starkeysarapiqui anole 2sarapiqui antssarapiqui aracari 2sarapiqui aracarisarapiqui bat 2sarapiqui batsarapiqui bullet antsarapiqui dendrobates auratussarapiqui espadarana prosoblepon 2 asarapiqui forestJPGsarapiqui frog 4sarapiqui frog 5sarapiqui frogs poster 1sarapiqui hyalinobatrachium valerioi 1asarapiqui iguana 1sarapiqui iguana 2sarapiqui la quinta caimansarapiqui la quinta signsarapiqui la selva forestsarapiqui la selva group flagsarapiqui la selva lessonsarapiqui la selva riversarapiqui lithobates valliantisarapiqui lunch group 1sarapiqui oophaga pumilio 2sarapiqui oophaga pumiliosarapiqui photography 2sarapiqui photographysarapiqui rhaebo haematiticus 3sarapiqui rhaebo haematiticus 4sarapiqui tirimbina snake hook


arenal smilisca phaeota 2arenal coatiarenal anolearenal chocolate tourarenal dendrosophus ebraccatusarenal eggsarenal flowersarenal frog art1arenal full group flag aarenal helmeted lizardarenal kk forestarenal lakearenal macadamia y cafe group 1arenal mountain 3arenal mountain overlook restaurantarenal rhaebo haematiticusarenal ronniearenal sighting agalychnis callidryas eggsarenal small frogarenal thermal pools dinnerarenal viper


monteverde duellmanohyla rufioculis amonteverde agouti amonteverde alan pounds group flagmonteverde alan pounds searchmonteverde anolemonteverde bolitoglossa amonteverde brus fam flagmonteverde butterflymonteverde craugastor underwoodimonteverde curi cancha hillsmonteverde el establomonteverde food 1monteverde food 2monteverde group flag curi canchamonteverde group hike smilemonteverde isthmohyla pseudopumamonteverde kk hillsmonteverde kk tree peekmonteverde limoncellomonteverde shotsmonteverde snakemonteverde tarantulamonteverde treemonteverde trees verticalmonteverde trees

Pacific Coast

pacific carara dendrobates auratus 1apacific carara dendrobates auratus 2

pacific american crocodile 1pacific crocs group tarcolespacific crocs sign kk raypacific amphibian bookspacific carara ghost batpacific egretspacific frog art 1pacific green frogpacific heron 2pacific hypsiboas rosenbergi 1pacific iguanapacific kk tree 1pacific manuel antonio forest 1pacific manuel antonio puerto escondido panoramapacific manuel antonio puerto escondido 1pacific manuel antonio puerto escondido 2pacific manuel antonio puerto escondido 3pacific manuel antonio puerto escondido 4pacific playa mantas 1pacific playa mantas 2pacific playa mantas 3pacific pura vida platespacific smilisca phaeota 3pacific tarcoles boat people apacific tarcoles crocodile mouth 1 apacific tarcoles crocodiles overhead 1pacific tarcoles crocodiles overhead 2pacific tarcoles crocodiles overhead 3pacific tarcoles green iguanapacific tarcoles heronpacific tarcoles river landscapepacific tarcoles treepacific tarcoles wave

San Jose

san jose agalychnis annae 2san jose agalychnis annae 4san jose agalychnis annae 5san jose rana forreri asan jose kk marty choti 2san jose dinner group night1san jose final night group wave a

We hope you enjoyed the photo journey of Costa Rica! If you want to join a future SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Ecotour, please be sure to add your name to the Costa Rica Waitlist. Pura Vida and we hope to see you soon!