Photos from the 2018 SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Ecotour

Smilisca phaeota costa rica

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The 2nd Annual SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica Ecotour took place July 14th to 25th, 2018. Our group of 16 frog enthusiasts traveled across the country, visiting the jungles of Sarapiquí; the Arenal volcano; the beaches of the Pacific; the cloud forests of San Gerado de Dota; and many points in between! This tour was featured by National Geographic!

We had the pleasure to encounter at least 23 amphibian species along the way; as well as over 100 bird species; mammals; crocodiles, caimans, iguanas and other amazing wildlife.

We had classes on frogs, bats, and ants; morning birdwatching walks; tours of chocolate and coffee plantations; we learned from local guides, naturalists and biologists; ate Costa Rican cuisine; learned about the country’s history and experienced its culture. Pura Vida and enjoy the photos!

“It was an AMAZING Ecotour! Costa Rica is a welcoming, gorgeous country with so much to see and do. I will definitely be returning!”
— Stacy Smith Bynum, Colorado; Participant on the STF! 2013 Belize and 2018 Costa Rica Ecotours 

agalychnis annae
A beautiful Agalychnis annae at the outskirts of San Jose, the nation’s capital.






save the frogs costa rica
A day hike to the waterfalls at the TAMU Soltis Center
A toucan sighting near Arenal.
Margot Fass
Long-time SAVE THE FROGS! volunteer, donor, fundraiser, educator, returning ecotourist and STF! 90-Day Challenge graduate Margot Fass has an encounter with an amphibious friend on the Pacific Coast.
Oophaga granulifera
A beautiful poison dart frog (Oophaga granulifera)
Smilisca phaeota costa rica
Smilisca phaeota relaxing near the Arenal Volcano
Costa Rica Ecotourism
Our frog-loving ecotour group outside the oxcart museum.
A basilisk in Sarapiqui
Sarapiqui waterfall
Visiting a waterfall in Sarapiqui
A peccary at La Selva Biological Station

Amphibian Sightings On The Ecotour

Here is a list of the amphibians our group encountered on the 2018 SAVE THE FROGS! Costa Rica ecotour:

Agalychnis annae
Agalychnis callidryas
Craugastor fitzingeri
Craugastor sp
Dendrobates auratus
Dendropsophus ebraccatus
Dendropsophus phlebodes
Diasporus diastema
Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni
Leptodactylus melanonotus
Leptodactylus savageii
Lithobates forreri
Lithobates vallianti
Lithobates warszewitschii
Oophaga granulifera
Oophaga pumilio
Rhaebo haematiticus
Rhinella marina
Scinax boulengeri
Scinax elaeochrous
Smilisca baudinii
Smilisca phaeota
Tlalocohyla loquax

Ecotourist Feedback

“Thank you, deeply, for an amazing experience in Costa Rica. It’s impossible to say what stays most vividly in my mind: The discovery of the Tropical Night Lizard, while climbing up tires in the dark at Rainmaker? Or finding the translucent Glass Frog on a leaf, surrounded by fast-moving torrents of mud? Michael’s graceful grab of a snake, or pulling a tick off a Marine Toad? Watching, in pitch darkness on an isolated road, Leo’s fix of our bus tire? Or Carlos’s urging us to cross a bridge – in torrential downpour over a swollen river – to see the giant King Vulture? It was all great, guys. I’m particularly grateful for your patience and good humor during the not-so-occasional screw-ups.”
— Lisa Krieger, California; Science and research reporter

“The tour was the best trip ever! A magical combination of smart, knowledgeable, warm, caring people and the most amazing wildlife, terrain, culture, and adventures. I would love to go again!”
— Ann Sigafoos, Virginia