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SAVE THE FROGS! 2016 Ecuador Ecotour Photos and Stories

suchipakari 78

The inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour took place June 15th to June 26th, 2016 and was a huge success. Our group of frog enthusiasts explored the Amazon rainforest, the Mindo cloudforests, and the high slopes of the Andes. We found frogs, monkeys, lizard and colorful birds and insects. We ate fabulous food, made new friendships and integrated with people of different cultures, spreading amphibian awareness as we travelled. We hope to see you on the 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour!

In addition to all the photos on this webpage, there are many more photos from the 2016 SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour right here.

Suchipakari | Mindo | El Crater | Papallacta | Rio Quijos | Teleferico | Villa Da Fiore | El Pahuma | Quito | Laguna Cuicocha

suchipakari 78


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snake.jpgsuchipakari 21
June 17, 2016:
I woke up at the Suchipakari Lodge near the Pununo River in Napo Province, Ecuador. Our ecotour group had breakfast of local Ecuadorian food and fruit juice. We headed down to the river and crossed to the other side in 5-person dugout canoes with no seats. On the far bank arrived the rescue team of two lodge staff with a hurt ocelot that had been attacked by kids who supposedly thought it would kill their chickens or snatch the eggs. It temporarily escaped its makeshift enclosure but our local guides found it and we delivered it to the Amazoonico wildlife rehabilitation center after a half hour hike and then a 45minute boat ride down the beautiful Napo river, which eventually meets the Amazon in Iquitos, Peru, a five day boat trip down river. Amazoonico was set amidst beautiful rain forest. Many of the animals they were rehabilitating had been hurt during captivity in the illegal wildlife pet trade. We saw beautiful macaws and parrots, a caiman, turtles, monkeys and peccaries. The highlight was a large troop of squirrel monkeys jumping through the forest and occasionally feeding on jungle fruits just a few meters from us.
— Dr. Kerry Kriger, journal entry
suchipakari 22suchipakari 25suchipakari 26suchipakari 27suchipakari 29
“Good morning! I finally have access to wifi but I’m too exhilarated and exhausted to upload and post pics. I need time to process just the first few days! This is truly an epic adventure with an amazing group of people. One of the best decisions I ever made was saying yes to the Save The Frogs! Ecuador ecotour. My love for frogs have grown, my appreciation and respect of the earth has strengthened, and my awareness of the Ecuadorean people and culture has been a complement to my life. Thank you, Kerry Kriger and Save The Frogs! for this opportunity. #savethefrogs   SAVE THE FROGS!

Okay, I’ll leave you with one picture. This butterfly just freeing itself from its cocoon after transforming from one life to another is a symbol of me before and after this trip. I’m ready to fly.”
– Deborah Blake Dempsey
suchipakari 30suchipakari 32suchipakari 34suchipakari 35suchipakari 36suchipakari 37suchipakari 38suchipakari 39suchipakari 40suchipakari 41suchipakari 42suchipakari 44suchipakari 45suchipakari 47suchipakari 51suchipakari 53suchipakari 54suchipakari 55suchipakari 56suchipakari 61suchipakari 62
“It was a huge pleasure to go on the trip with some of the staff and other frog lovers and learn more about frogs and frog conservation and see amazing species in their natural habitat!”
— Jessica Scrivener
suchipakari 63suchipakari 64suchipakari 65suchipakari 67suchipakari 68suchipakari 69suchipakari 70suchipakari 71suchipakari 72suchipakari 73suchipakari 74suchipakari 75suchipakari 76suchipakari 77suchipakari 78suchipakari 79suchipakari 80suchipakari 81

June 19, 2016:
Today I awoke at Suchipakari at 715 to the sound of birds. I headed down the hill to the yoga studio and played flute for the Amazon Yoga Class. And joined in the yoga for a while. The birds sounded really nice. I packed up fast and led Emily to the poison dart frog spot by the river. We helped haul everyone’s luggage out the km to the bus. Headed to the Ruta de las Cataratas I thought it was going to be a mellow hike but there were stream crossings, lots of mud, steep staircases, lush vegetation, slippery rocks, but everyone was loving it especially by the time we reached the beautiful waterfall. We swam in the water under the fall and I played a bit of flute. We gathered everyone up and implemented stricter safety precautions to ensure everyone got out unscathed. Sandy took a spill in the water but wasn’t hurt and seemed super happy when she got out. Adventure gives people adrenalin highs or something of that nature. Deborah Blake Dempsey said “Best trip ever” when we got back, which made me happy(happier!). We had a great box lunch by the first waterfall then boarded the bus and headed out of the Amazon, upslope climbing the Andes, weaving through some beautiful misty mountains (the Andes) and upward eventually to Baeza where the bus stopped for a very fast bathroom break, the hurry being that we needed to pass through the landslide area before 6pm because they close the road then to do construction. We made it by 6 and were happy to not be stuck on the side of the road in a bus all night. We arrived at Papallacta hot springs hotel and took over a few of the cabins. Shenandoah was the first in to our private hot springs. I asked how it was. “Perfect. Amazing” was her response. Had a quick SAVE THE FROGS! Staff meeting and snack session and then joined everyone in the thermal pools. We headed over to the lodge for an excellent dinner. Returned to the cabin, prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the morning and then hit the hot springs again, relaxing and playing flute. Now bedtime in the cabin 🙂
— Dr. Kerry Kriger, journal entry

suchipakari 82suchipakari 83suchipakari 84suchipakari 85suchipakari 86suchipakari 87suchipakari 88suchipakari 89suchipakari 90suchipakari 91Suchipakari amazon boat ChotiSuchipakari amazon boat group
“Best Trip Ever”
— Deborah Blake Dempsey
Suchipakari antsSuchipakari George Quiroga Flag waterfall
“A deep thank you to the SaveTheFrogs crew, the participants, and all of those directly and indirectly involved in making this trip a success. Love, joy, and peace to you all. May your journeys be safe and filled with joy and may our paths cross again.”

— George Quiroga

suchipakari klean kanteen 1suchipakari klean kanteen 2Suchipakari Sandy Deborah Kathlyn mudsuchipakari tubing kerry chotiSuchipakari Group Photo Flag Amazoonico a
“We never would have imagined the powerful connections we made with both the group and the amazing country of Ecuador and it’s beautiful people. We are forever grateful for your friendship. We are forever changed by our experiences. We will see both you and Ecuador again.”
— Kelly Geer

Mindo Cloudforest

mindo glass frog 2a

Mindo Frog 6amindo waterfall 2.jpgmindo waterfall johnb faithp.jpgmindo casa divina lunchtime.jpg
“The lodges were generally nicer and more luxurious than I expected.”
— John Bohrman

mindo frog 11amindo frog 17a.jpgmindo glass frog best a

epidobates darwinwallacae.jpgmindo zipline deborah.jpgmindo zipline group 2.jpg
“Thank you all – Kerry, Chelsea, Emily and Kathlyn – for being awesome, knowledgeable, and fun trip leaders. YOU are what made this trip an epic experience. May you each continue to follow your dreams and experience you deepest heart’s desires.”

— Deborah Blake Dempsey

mindo zipline group.jpgmindo zipline 1.jpgmindo zipline kathlyn smiling.jpgmindo zipline kathlyn.jpg

mindo casa divina kerry presents 2.jpgmindo casa divina kerry presents.jpgmindo casa divina lodging sandy.jpgmindofrog 1amindofrog 3aPristimantis mindomindofrog 4amindofrog 7amindofrog 8amindofrog 9amindofrog 10mindofrog 12mindofrog 14 1mindofrog 14 2mindofrog 14 3
“This was the crown jewel of the trip in every way. Outstanding accommodations, wonderful setting, spectacular surrounding scenery, great little town, the absolute best staff, wonderful guides, great food and activities.” –Mike Horton on Casa Divina, Mindo

mindofrog13 1mindolizard3.jpgmindowaterfalllizard1a

mindo casa divina chelsea group.jpgmindo casa divina dinind 4.jpg
“The food this trip has been outstanding”

– Mike Horton

mindo casa divina dining.jpgmindo casa divina birding.jpgmindo casa divina dinner.jpg

El Crater and Mitad del Mundo

mitad del mundo 1mitad del mundo 2mitad del mundo 3
“Staying at El Crater high above Mitad del Mundo – incredible views of the Pululahua crater out one window and Mitad out the other!”
— Andie Herman
mitad del mundo 4

ecuadorian dessert.jpgel crater chelsea teaching.jpgel crater kerry yoga.jpgel crater lodge 1.jpgel crater lodge 3.jpgel crater mountain view.jpgel crater pululahua group photo.jpgel crater pululahua.jpgel crater yoga 1.jpgel crater yoga 2.jpgel crater yoga 3.jpg
“Just finished an incredible yoga session led by Chelsea Carson with my new #savethefrogs friends on the rim of an extinct volcano, high up in the clouds, near the Equator line dividing the Northern and Southern hemispheres of the Earth surrounded by the beautiful Equadorian landscape. Then listened to our group leader Kerry Kriger play the bamboo flute while we soaked in the energy of the Earth.

— George Quiroga

mitad del mundo 5mitad del mundo group

emily mitad del mundo.jpgmitad del mundo hummingbird


papallacta 25papallacta 21
“Perfect. Amazing.”

—   Shenandoah while soaking in the thermal pools
papallacta 23
“Thanks so much Kerry Kriger and Chelsea Carson for setting up an ecotour that I couldn’t say no to and that I’ll never forget!!! This has been the best month of my life! 🙂 My heart is so full from this trip! I’m anxious and sad about going back home. But I’m also very inspired and excited about what the future may hold for myself and save the frogs! I look forward to helping the frogs by helping you guys in any way that I can.”

— Jessica Scrivener

papallacta 24

papallacta alpacaprobably.jpgpapallacta dinner.jpg
June 19, 2016:
Having dinner with the very happy participants of the inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour, in Papallacta after three amazing days of whitewater rafting, tubing, poison dart frogs, squirrel monkeys, tropical fruit juice, incredible Amazonian food, thermal pools, water snakes, scorpions, rescuing wounded ocelots, waterfalls, yoga, bamboo flute and unforgettable experiences. Nine days more to come!
— Dr. Kerry Kriger, journal entry

papallacta jessicaalpaca.jpgpapallacta jessicaalpaca2.jpgpapallacta kerrybridge.jpgpapallactahikegroupflag1.jpgpapallactahikestreamflower.jpgpapallactahiketrailgroup.jpgpapallactahikewaterfall1.jpgquijos 32
“Thank you for the frogging trip of a lifetime to Ecuador, Kerry and Chelsea!!”

— Choti Singh, SAVE THE FROGS! Belize, Ecuador & Costa Rica Ecotourist

Rio Quijos

quijos 33quijos 34quijos dinner flag a
“Thank you for an amazing SAVE THE FROGS!! ecotour in Ecuador.”

— Deborah Blake Dempsey

quijos kerry backpackerquijosfrog 1a

suchipakari 48suchipakari 49suchipakari 50


quito 1quito 2

Teleferico Hike

teleferico 7teleferico 8teleferico frog 1.jpgteleferico jessicas mikeh.jpg
Thanks so much Kerry Kriger and Chelsea Carson for setting up an ecotour that I couldn’t say no to and that I’ll never forget!!! This has been the best month of my life! :)”
— Jessica Scrivener

teleferico kk chill.jpgteleferico mikeh jessicas kkateleferico views.jpg

Villa Da Fiore

villa da fiore groupvilla da fiore ownervilla da fiore

Laguna Cuicocha

laguna cuicocha 4laguna cuicocha 1laguna cuicocha 5laguna cuicocha 6laguna cuicocha 8laguna cuicocha 9laguna cuicocha 10

El Pahuma

Ecuador cloud forest Chelsea Carsonel pahuma 1el pahuma 2el pahuma 3el pahuma jessica scrivener.jpg