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An article by SAVE THE FROGS! Supporter & Frog Artist Jessie Robertson

Ever since I can remember, I have been filled with a great love for frogs and toads. I was ecstatic whenever I found one and would spend hours watching them and creating art pieces of them in a variety of mediums. Despite frequently researching frogs and other amphibians, it wasn’t until 2012 that I learned about the enormous threats they face, when I discovered SAVE THE FROGS!. I am incredibly grateful that I did, because since then I have been determined to help. In the past six years I have raised thousands of tadpoles, written papers and animated videos about amphibian declines, and taught classes about ways to help.

Archey's Frog

A 12″ x 16″ acrylic painting I created recently of a family of Archey’s Frogs

Art, Education & Fundraising

While I have always greatly enjoyed creating frog artwork, I now use my abilities to communicate the importance of frogs and toads with those who view my artwork. This past year, I have sold my artwork at several art shows, and have donated 10% of what I earned to SAVE THE FROGS!. Recently, I have even been selling t-shirts and prints of my artwork online. My goal is to continue contributing to the amphibian conservation effort by raising money to donate to SAVE THE FROGS! and by spreading awareness about these issues. If it weren’t for SAVE THE FROGS!, I never would have been able to help the frogs and toads I love so dearly, so I am thankful to now be able to help through my words and my artwork!

Frog Collage

A 22″ x 28″ torn paper collage I made a few years ago out of recycled paper to encourage viewers to save the frogs!

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Jessie Robertson Frog Art

If this watercolor is still available, you can buy it here!

A Final Thought

I absolutely love SAVE THE FROGS!, and greatly enjoy creating artwork for the organization!Sincerely,Jessie Robertson