Building Frog Ponds At Home In Virginia

hyla versicolor gray treefrog

We love hearing from our supporters who take action for amphibians by building ponds on their properties. Here is a message from frog lover Diane Fink of Oakton, Virginia, who has built five ponds on her property!

“I enjoy your website, and it helped inspire me to put frog ponds in my property. This is the fourth frog pond I’ve built myself (I had a fifth installed professionally). I’m learning from my mistakes, and there have been many – building on a hill, too small liner, not building wide shelves below the water line for the stones to sit on). So each one is better than the one before. This one had a tiny little frog – I’m not sure what kind – take up residence in it even before I finished installing the stones.”

frog pond virginia

Frog Pond Virginia

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