New Video: Dr. Kerry Kriger’s 2012 speech urging the US EPA to ban Atrazine

On June 12th, 2012 SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger gave a 25
minute presentation at the US Environmental Protection Agency’s
hearings on the effects of Atrazine on aquatic wildlife in Arlington,

Watch a video of the presentation on our new YouTube Channel (be sure
to subscribe to our channel while you are there):

Learn all about Atrazine at:

Download the mp3 of Dr. Kriger’s speech at:

Please mark your calendar for October 12th’s International Day of
Action (conceived and coordinated by SAVE THE FROGS!). We will be
holding a rally at the Washington Monument, and hope you will join us!

“Wow, Kerry, Just listened to your speech, fantastic! Effective,
respectful, backed by scientific data, persuasive. I could go on. If
that didn’t persuade some people to reconsider, then I don’t know what
will. Awesome!”
— Save The Frogs Day Organizer Raina Mullen

“I’ve listened to your lecture you gave at the EPA twice, it really
was perfect!”
— Red Frog Member Debra Mahony

“CAN YOU HEAR ME CLAPPING!!!!! Awesome job! You knocked their socks off 🙂 “
— Graphic Design Volunteer Alyson Lee

“Loved your presentation to the EPA! You go, Kerry! Let’s ban
Atrazine!!!! Everyone should listen to your presentation. And I loved
your message to Syngenta and EPA employees in the conclusion of your
presentation! Thank you so much for your passion!”
— John Griffith, Author of Totem Magic