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Frog News

Frog art by Yip Ka Yan, Hong Kong

What People Are Saying About The SAVE THE FROGS! Electronic Newsletter“I receive your newsletters all the time and you do such a great job helping the frogs!!” — Jenn from Tahoe“I have been moved by your Save The Frogs newsletters.” — Elaine Bond, Berkeleyside“I look forward to future communication with my favorite organization.” — Ashley Alwine, Pensylvania

“Hi Kerry, I love your newsletter and think you are doing some extraordinary work. I especially like how you are combining your advocacy with a bricks-n-mortar solution: aqua-scaling! Very practical and a quantum difference from anything anyone else is doing to save the frogs – or any other species for that matter.” — Emmet Brady, Insect News Network“I think your newsletter is a great idea. It is so important to spread the news of how vital each species is to our planet and ecosystem. I think because frogs are so little, people forget how important they are. Keep up the great work!!!”  — Carol from Canada“I am glad to be part of this very unusual choice of a public charity, and I am learning a lot from your newsletters.  Thank you for all of your efforts to save amphibians.” — Diane M. Kastel; Wheaton, IL“I do enjoy reading your emails because I do care about the many creatures like frogs that live on this planet.” — Susan Peet”I read nearly every email you produce. Best wishes,Susan Clay in Houston”

American Bullfrog

Photo of American Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) courtesy of Wayne Erickson.

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