Create Your Own Personalized Fundraising Webpage

fundraising ideas

One of the most effective ways to raise funds for SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation projects is to create your own Personalized Fundraising Webpage, and then encourage your friends, family and colleagues to donate to SAVE THE FROGS! through that webpage.

Your personalized fundraising webpage will:

  • Tell your story of why YOU care about amphibians.
  • Enable your friends, family and colleagues to securely donate to SAVE THE FROGS! through a dedicated webpage that displays your fundraising goal and how much you have raised.
  • Be live 24 hours per day, ready to collect donations for SAVE THE FROGS!

Below is a step by step guide to make it easy for you to create your page. The entire process should take you about an hour…and may result in you raising hundreds or even thousands of dollars for amphibians! We appreciate your assistance and wish you the best of luck in your amphibious fundraising efforts!

Please note that the money raised through these Personalized Fundraising Webpages goes directly to SAVE THE FROGS! conservation and education projects. The pages are not intended for those who seek to raise funds for their own independent projects.

fundraising ideas
The frogs depend on enthusiastic SAVE THE FROGS! supporters like you to ensure we have funds to conduct our worldwide amphibian conservation programs. Your fundraising efforts will help us protect amphibians and educate people about the importance of frogs and their habitats.

SAVE THE FROGS! will soon announce Personalized Fundraising Webpages

  • Stay tuned as the instructions below are not yet complete and we have not yet launched these pages!
  • If you want to fundraise for SAVE THE FROGS! and for us to keep you posted, please email us.
  • Enter a dollar amount into the “Personal Fundraising Page Fundraising Goal” window.
    • $500 is a good starting number for anyone living in a developed country.
    • Once you reach your goal, you can continue fundraising just by raising your goal.
    • Your starting goal should be achievable — with effort.
    • A goal too low will not save as many frogs as possible; a goal too high may not get traction and may not get met.
  • Give your page a name in the “Personal Fundraising Page Name” window. You can always change this later. Examples: Kerry’s Fundraiser For The Frogs; Janet Smith’s Fantastic Froggy Fundraiser
  • Enter an inspirational paragraph into the “Write a short mission statement for your Personal Fundraising Page” window. This may be all a potential donor has time to read, so it should inspire them to donate. You should consider including:
    • A greeting like: Hi! My name is …
    • Why you love amphibians
    • Why you love SAVE THE FROGS!
    • Why you decided to fundraise
    • A call to action: ask the reader to donate!
    • A thank you, such as:
      Thank You For Supporting My Favorite Cause! or
      Thank you for donating and helping me SAVE THE FROGS!
  • Tell Your Story:
    • Give another call to action to donate: people need to be told what to do. Be polite; don’t be shy. Examples:
      • Please donate today to help me reach my $500 fundraising goal!
      • Please donate today to help me SAVE THE FROGS!
      • Please donate today to help SAVE THE FROGS! build wetlands for threatened amphibians!
    • Tell your personal story about your relationship with amphibians;
    • Detail any volunteer or professional experience that may ensure your potential donors know you are serious about saving amphibians and making the planet a better place for humans and wildlife;
    • Stories about why you like SAVE THE FROGS!;
    • Information about STF! successes or activities, so that your potential donor knows their donation would be going to an effective organization, running important environmental projects.
    • You can mention that SAVE THE FROGS! is a 501(c)(3) public charity and donations are fully tax-deductible.
    • Give another call to action to donate today, this time combined with a thanks. In essence you are thanking your reader for donating, as if they already had donated. Examples:
      • Thank you so much for donating to SAVE THE FROGS!
      • Thank you so much for donating to my SAVE THE FROGS! fundraising campaign!
  • We suggest that you be the first donor…this gets your total raised above $0, which helps people realize this is an actual live campaign. And if you are serious enough about it to donate, your potential donors will be much more likely to donate as well.
  • Promote your campaign! Email your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to donate, being sure to provide them the URL to your personalized fundraising page. Use social media as well.
  • SAVE THE FROGS! is a 501(c)(3) public charity and all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Thank you for helping us SAVE THE FROGS! and best of luck with your amphibious efforts! Please contact us with any questions.

Praveen Kumar Garg India
Beautiful frog art from India by Praveen Kumar Garg