Presentation by Dr. Phil Bishop: The Conservation of New Zealand Frogs

Phil Bishop frogs

Presentation by Professor Phil Bishop: The Conservation Of New Zealand Frogs –  The Ancient Weirdos Of The Amphibian World!

Dr. Phil Bishop is an expert on the amphibians of New Zealand. Phil joined SAVE THE FROGS! online to deliver an extremely informative presentation on the conservation of New Zealand’s – the ancient wierdos of the amphibian world. Watch Phil’s presentation to learn all about New Zealand’s native frog species, the threats they face, and the conservation actions being taken to protect them:

Definitely a great conference, I have been fascinated by NZ frogs and I look forward to the next presentation.”
Stefano Rambaldi, Italy

Professor Bishop has spent the last 20 years working with the ancient native frogs of New Zealand. Originally intending to discover how these unusually silent frogs communicate, his focus shifted towards amphibian conservation management as the phenomenon of global amphibian declines gained momentum. The leiopelmatid frogs of New Zealand are voiceless and earless, with a number of unusual and unique morphological characters. Out of the breeding season they have a daily behavioural repertoire very similar to a small stone! Phil is a Professor of Zoology at the University of Otago (New Zealand) and in his spare time is the Co-Chair of the IUCN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group and the Chief Scientist of the Amphibian Survival Alliance.

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Learn more about New Zealand’s frogs at the NZFROG website and on the SAVE THE FROGS! New Zealand webpage.

Phil Bishop frogs
Professor Phil Bishop

phil bishop new zealand
The Survival of The Earth Depends on Frogs

Additional Resources:

Native frog (Leiopelma spp.) recovery plan, 2013–2018
Phillip J. Bishop, Lisa A. Daglish, Amanda J.M. Haigh, Leigh J. Marshall, Mandy D. Tocher and Kate L. McKenzie

Native Frog Leiopelma Recovery Plan

Phil Bishop amphibian presentation nz