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  • Bookmarks – Almost Gone


    The Almost Gone bookmark makes a great gift for any student or frog enthusiast. It measures 2″ x 7″ (5.1 x 17.8 cm) and features the Grand Prize winning poetry from the 2009 SAVE THE FROGS! Poetry Contest: Almost Gone by then 12 year old Brittany Belanger.

    The pinwheel of our earth,
    The binding of our book,
    The balance of our world,
    Almost gone.

    The wheel will slowly stop turning,
    The binding slowly unravel,
    The balance disturbed.

    The glue holding our ecosystem together,
    Slowly beginning to fade,
    Like the perfect morning,
    Fading to a thick canopy of darkness.
    Our world as we know it will change.

    The frogs are the answer,
    The key to turn the lock,
    The cure to many diseases,
    But they are almost gone,
    What will you do?

  • EduKit


    EduKit yourself and those around you with these packets of SAVE THE FROGS! Educational Materials! Perfect for events, info tables, and for distributing at coffee shops, schools, libraries and even doctor’s office waiting rooms!

    The EduKit 20 contains:
    – 5 Info Cards
    – 5 Blue Frog Postcards
    – 5 Art Contest Postcards

    The EduKit 50 contains:
    – 20 Info Cards
    – 10 Blue Frog Postcards
    – 10 Art Contest Postcards

    All materials come inside a 15x20cm re-usable plastic bag. 100% of proceeds go to SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide amphibian conservation efforts.