Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi Named SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Associate Executive Director

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana (hereafter STF! Ghana) announces the appointment of its first female Associate Executive Director, Ms Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi starting from January, 2015.


Ms Owusu-Gyamfi before the promotion, was the Programmes Co-ordinator of STF! Ghana where she was responsible for linking the organisation up with both Government and private institutions, organising amphibian conservation events, workshops, field surveys, fund raising, e.t.c. She will now assist Gilbert Adum who has served in the capacity of the Executive Director since September, 2011 with this new promotion.


Ms Owusu-Gyamfi began her career as a bat taxonomist with the Harrison Institute in the United Kingdom. Upon her return to Ghana in 2012, she was appointed as the Programmes Co-ordinator for STF! Ghana. She has successfully organised over 30 STF! events, reached out to +2 million people worldwide with the amphibian conservation message using the media and other local and international platforms including presentations at the University of Cambridge’s Students Conference on Conservation Science, the University of Nottingham and The British Herpetological Society.


“It is extremely important to have someone who appeals to the masses especially women and children, form an integral part of the organisation. I am indeed pleased to have Ms. Owusu-Gyamfi as my assistant,” Mr. Gilbert Adum says.


“We are delighted to welcome Ms Owusu-Gyamfi to the executive board of STF! Ghana,” Dr. Kerry Kriger, founder and Executive Director of STF! also added. “She has consistently been at the forefront of promoting amphibian conservation both locally and international. Her extensive knowledge and background in amphibian conservation is a great asset in helping to end the current amphibian extinction crisis.”


Ms Owusu-Gyamfi will take over running the affairs of STF! Ghana as Mr. Adum takes an academic leave of absence to Germany where he will also establish an international office of STF! Ghana.


“I look forward to this new challenge. It is a great honour done me in recognition of my services to the organisation,” Ms. Owusu-Gyamfi also had this to say about her promotion. “I look forward to working more closely with women and children as their participation is very crucial in achieving success in amphibian and biodiversity conservation on the whole.”


SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is West Africa’s first non-profit organisation dedicated exclusively to the conservation of amphibians and it is the first international branch of USA-based non-profit SAVE THE FROGS!

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The New Associate Executive Director for STF! Ghana, Ms Sandra Owusu-Gyamfi

The Current Executive Director, Mr. Gilbert Adum