Save The Frogs Day 2017 in Sanepa, Nepal

save the frogs day nepal 2017

On the 9th Annual Save The Frogs Day, Environmental Graduates in Himalaya (EGH) along with Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nepal organized a day-long amphibian conservation program on 28th April, 2017 in Sanepa, Nepal. The event was categorized into two sessions; Celebration with School Kids (Session I) and University Students (Session II) that included activities like photo exhibition, frog painting, mural art, merch and bake sale along with the short video clips depicting the information about the frogs. Mr. Ugan Manandhar, Deputy Director of WWF Nepal and the Chief Guest for the program, presented on the traditional importance of frogs and their need for greater conservation efforts, which was followed by the prize distribution for the ‘Junior Art Competition’ conducted on 25th April. A total of 62 students attended and the program ended with the closing remarks of Prof Dr Ram B Chhetri, RHF Chairperson. Later, he handed certificates of appreciation to our volunteers whose tireless efforts have brought this event into a froggy fruition.

save the frogs day nepal 2017

Check out these amazing photos from the 9th Annual Save The Frogs Day in Sanepa, Nepal!

Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 volunteersNepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 groupNepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 frog tablingNepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 face painting1
Face painting: Volunteers represented their artistic frog designs on the body parts of visitors.

Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 face painting2Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 face painting3Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 bakesale
Volunteers organized a bake sale to raise funds for amphibian conservation efforts in Nepal.

Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 merchNepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 videomessage
SAVE THE FROGS! Executive Director and Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger sent a 12 minute video message specially for the Nepalese people about the need to spread the amphibian conservation message in Nepal.

Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 mural1Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 mural2Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 mural3Nepal Sanepa STF Day 2017 mural