Save The Frogs Day 2017 in Pittsburg, California

USA California Pittsburg Fair

Stoneman Elementary in Pittsburg, California hosted yet another Save The Frogs Day fair. The school’s third grade students helped raise awareness about how frogs are disappearing and what kids can do to help. The students gave in-depth presentations about the adaptations of four different frogs they had been studying for months. Two hundred people attended this learning fair. SAVE THE FROGS! ecologist Micheal Starkey was one of the people in attedance and gave a informational talk to the students about amphibian conservation.

USA California Pittsburg Fair
SAVE THE FROGS! ecologist Michael Starkey teaching the students about amphibian conservation. 

Stoneman principal Terry Dunn commented about his students’ successful event: “To see the joy this has brought, and to see the kids so engaged, has been inspirational,” he said as he toured the fair and admired students’ work. “If we can teach them to care about animals they’ll care about the planet, and hopefully think about how fragile life is and how important it is we try to protect it.” You can read more about Stoneman Elementary’s frog-saving activities in this EdSource article “More teachers turning to nonprofits for innovative science lessons“.

 USA California Pittsburg students
Stoneman Elementary’s Save The Frogs Day teaching fair.