SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana Announces New Social Media Pages

SAVE THE FROGS! Ghana is pleased to announce our new social media pages on Twitter, @GhanaFrogs and Facebook SAVE THE FROGS Ghana Official. The new pages offer better platforms for the advertisement of upcoming events and updating our members on ongoing projects. This is to make it even easier for followers and non-followers alike to access the organization on multiple platforms whiles finding updates. These pages will also make it possible for us to monitor the impact factor of our posts; the number of views and likes received by looking at the analyzer bar on Facebook and hoot suit application on Twitter.
You are welcome to ask your questions about amphibians, the organization, staff, projects, e.t.c using any of these platforms and we will make sure to response to them swiftly. We will also have special chat segments on these platforms where a specific topic will be raised for discussion.
We hope you enjoy the new sites, and please feel free to let us know what you think!