Saving The Louisiana Frogs

Dear Kerry,

About 9 years ago I stumbled onto a clump of frog eggs in the ditch next to my home. Since the temperature was reaching 100 + degrees in this Louisiana summer and the water was evaporating from the ditch at a fast rate….I transferred the eggs to a child’s swimming pool in my backyard. I made a little habitat in one side of the pool and filled the rest with rainwater. I collected rainwater and boiled water to remove chlorine and kept the eggs moist until they hatched. Then fed them with fish food, ground grubs and worms. I continued this process for many weeks until the little tadpoles became frogs….with legs and their little tails disappearing.

This had become a neighborhood project and all the children, on my street, came to see the frogs transform. They loved helping to feed and care for the little tadpoles. This was very educational for the children and taught them a respect for frogs.
Once the frogs had matured…..we counted over 100 green tree frogs. Wow!

The children and I then gather them into one gallon jars and began to spread them around the city to suitable areas for them to grown and spread. It was a wonderful experience…for all. I was careful to choose areas that would be free of pesticide spraying and rich with greenery.

The upside is my own yard is richly inhabited with these Green Tree Frogs.
I repeated this process a few years later with a little brown frog….maturing from the captured eggs.
I enjoy the frogs “singing” their “thank you” every night!

I love your site and hope to do more to Save the Frogs.
Kind regards,
Debra Berry