Seven Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

While governmental action is an integral part of stopping global warming, every one of us is responsible for reducing our own carbon footprint. Here are eight easy ways you can do your part:

Turn off the lights
If you’re not in the room (or the house), you probably don’t need the lights on. Same with your office-place, and those lights in the parking lot. Try solar power for outside lights.

Don’t purchase bottled water
Plan ahead and fill your re-usable bottle. Not only is plastic produced from oil, but it takes fuel to get that bottle of water from the source to the store at which you buy it..

Eat less meat
Cows live in pastures, which means rainforests worldwide are being destroyed to make way for cows. Without the rainforests to trap carbon, we don’t stand much of a chance at fighting global warming. But that’s not it: cows, pigs, sheep and goats are responsible for about 30% of America’s methane emission — and methane is far worse for the environment than is carbon dioxide!

Take shorter showers
There is a high chance your hot water is being heated by electricity generated at a coal-fired power plant.

Don’t fly first-class
Airplanes produce significant quantities of carbon emisions, and those spacious first-class seats take up 50% more space than do normal seats. That means you’e responsible for 50% more of that plane’s carbon emissions than economy passengers.

Invest in environmentally-friendly businesses
If a company puts effort into improving their environmental practices, they likely have some information about it on their website. Do some reseach prior to investing, and then give your support to companies with positive environmental track records.

Drive less. Buy and rent smaller cars.
Eat at a restaurant closer to home, or stay home and eat. Get yourself a good book and try the local public transport sometime (it’s probably improved since the last time you used it!). And next time you buy or rent a car, go with a fuel-effcient small car unless you have a true need for a large vehicle.