SAVE THE FROGS joins 425 conservation groups in supporting the Endangered Species Act

rana pretiosa oregon spotted frog

Four hundred and twenty-five national, state, and local conservation groups – including SAVE THE FROGS – recently sent a letter to the United States Senate and House leadership to demonstrate their overwhelming support for the popular Endangered Species Act. The organizations argued strongly for maintaining the Act in its current form and not let it be weakened under the guise of efforts to “modernize” or “reform” this legislation. The Act has been under increasing threat in recent months and years.

rana pretiosa oregon spotted frog
The Oregon Spotted Frog (Rana pretiosa) receives protections under the Endangered Species Act. Photo by Dr. Kerry Kriger.

The Endangered Species Act has wide-ranging benefits for the American people and their families, which is why it needs to be preserved. By protecting healthy communities of plants and animals, it provides key ecosystem services and benefits including clean air, clean water, food, pollination, medicines and of course wildlife viewing opportunities. To date, The Endangered Species Act has a 99 percent success rate in preventing the extinction of those species protected by it.

The strength of The Endangered Species Act lies in the legislation being based on peer-reviewed, best-available science, which ensures that implementing agencies can successfully prevent extinction and conserve species’ habitat. The Endangered Species Act is a profoundly popular law that represents fundamental American principles and has promoted citizen engagement to preserve the environment. It is no surprise that this landmark conservation law was originally passed with overwhelming bipartisan support.

Thank you to the Endangered Species Coalition for leading this effort to educate politicians. Read the letter and support SAVE THE FROGS! and fellow conservation groups in defending The Endangered Species Act from industry groups and other wildlife opponents.