Wetland Consulting


SAVE THE FROGS! offers wetlands consulting via phone or Zoom to land owners and managers wishing to build or restore wetland habitat for amphibians. From small backyard frog ponds to major construction projects, we can provide advice that will significantly improve your project’s chances of amphibious success.

Payment includes an expert review of your project before the call. You will send us (1) the address of your wetland; (2) a brief project description; and (3) your project goals. We will examine Google Earth and satellite views of the property, and investigate soils, vegetation, access, hydrology, and potential impacts to hydrology that might require permitting. Once this is complete, we will schedule a half hour call to discuss your project at a mutually agreeable time.

Your half hour call with one of our SAVE THE FROGS! Wetland Experts will provide you with specific ideas on how to best move forward with your project.

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