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Why The Giant Squeaker Frog Is “Giant”


Frogs in the genus Arthroleptis are often referred to as “squeakers.” This is because of the distinctive high pitched call they make. They are usually small — about the size of a baby’s thumb — with the smallest squeaker measuring merely 15mm in length. The Giant Squeaker Frog (Arthroleptis krokosua) measures up to 50mm, making it the largest squeaker in all of West Africa. As it is about three times the size of the smallest squeaker it must be nothing less than a GIANT!


The primary difference between the Giant Squeaker Frog and other squeakers is its much broader head. Their color can vary but most of them are golden brown, making the Giant Squeaker Frog possibly the world’s most beautiful squeaker. Unlike other squeakers they also have a distinctive “hour-glass pattern” on their back and rounded black spots on their belly.

As far as their reproduction is concerned, they are presumed to be like all other squeakers: direct developers that bypass the aquatic tadpole stage. They lay their eggs in leaf-litter. The eggs then hatch directly into baby frogs called froglets that resemble their parents in every way except for their tiny size. Being “giant” though. a baby Giant Squeaker Frog may be about the same size or even bigger than the adults of some other squeaker frog species.

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