SAVE THE FROGS! Featured on BBC Worldwide Radio

Kerry Kriger Brazil BBC

Last week I was contacted by Alice Gioia, a BBC journalist and the producer of Outlook, “a programme about extraordinary personal stories”. I spoke with Alice while in Rio de Janeiro, and the interview aired on BBC World Service Radio on Wednesday January 15th, 2020, for an estimated 96 million listeners.

You can listen to the BBC interview here.
(Starts at 37:40 and ends at 44:06)

Alice heard about SAVE THE FROGS! while reading the January 2020 National Geographic magazine, which featured a page about SAVE THE FROGS! Ecotours:

“Hello, I am a producer with Outlook on the BBC World service, a programme about extraordinary personal stories. We have more than 96m listeners all over the world. I read about your organisation on a National Geographic article and I am writing to ask whether you might be interested in talking to us about your amazing Frog Spotting tours. I’d love to talk to someone who runs them about what motivates them and about how the tours work.”

From the BBC website: 
Kerry Kriger is a frog expert who studies amphibian diseases around the world. He’s spent a lot of time with frogs in the rainforest, and he’s dedicated his life to protecting them. He goes out at night to study the animals, but many of the frogs are shy so he had to imitate their sounds in order to get close enough to take samples. He also takes people on tours to teach people about the environments and animals.”

Thanks to Alice and the BBC for helping to spread the word about SAVE THE FROGS! and amphibian conservation issues!

Waterfalls Brazil Brasil

Itatiaia National Park, Brazil

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