Save The Frogs Amphibian Conservation Grants

To ensure the success of our worldwide efforts, SAVE THE FROGS! offers Amphibian Conservation Grants to dedicated groups and individuals who wish to conduct important amphibian conservation activities and seek financial assistance.  

Atelopus elegans

Funding Amount

Save The Frogs Day Amphibian Conservation Awards are usually for $5,000 or less.

The total amount of disbursements each year will be based on the financial support received from the SAVE THE FROGS! community, so we encourage and appreciate your donation to SAVE THE FROGS!.

Rhacophorus dennysi Laos

Photo of Rhacophorus dennysi from Laos by Thuong Nguyen.


  • Grant applications are accepted once per year.
  • Grant applications will be accepted beginning February 1st.
  • Grant applications must be submitted by March 1st at 11:59pm Los Angeles time. Any application received after that will not be reviewed until March of the following year and no exceptions will be made.
  • Decisions will be announced by March 31st.
  • Funds to successful applicants will be disbursed by April 10th.
  • Final reports should be submitted by May 15th.
  • Final reports should be submitted by the submission date you state in your application.

Grantwriting Tip #1:
Always submit your grant proposals a week or two prior to the deadline. This helps ensure you will not be rushed; and that the grantors see your application first, fall in love with it, and want it to win.

Rhacophorus rhodopus Vietnam

Photo of Rhacophorus rhodopus from Vietnam by Thuong Nguyen.

What We Do And Do Not Fund

What we do and do not fund is clearly described on the SAVE THE FROGS! Grants page. We suggest you read it prior to applying.

As a brief summary, we fund projects that demonstrate a clear benefit to the conservation of amphibian populations. Projects could be centered around research, education, policy, and/or habitat. If your project is scientific research, how will you translate your science into action? Be sure to explain in your application.

Rhacophorus kio Laos

Photo of Rhacophorus kio from Laos by Thuong Nguyen.


Historical Involvement

  • No historical involvement with SAVE THE FROGS! is required to apply, but as with any grant application, your chances of success will be higher if we know you and your capabilities.


  • Grants may be given to individuals or organizations within the USA.
  • Outside the USA, grants will only be given to nonprofit organizations (e.g. NGO) or official educational organizations (e.g. school or university). Do not apply from outside the USA unless you are affiliated with a nonprofit or educational organization who would serve as the grant recipient.


  • The applicant must be an official member of SAVE THE FROGS!.
  • There are two ways to become a member:
  • Membership has a variety of benefits, so if you care enough about frogs to apply for a grant, you should definitely become a member…plus you must be a member to be eligible for any SAVE THE FROGS! Grant.

Grant Writing Tip #2:
Always ensure you meet all eligibility requirements prior to applying. Contact the grantor if you ever have any questions about your eligibility (but never pester them with questions that are answered on the grants webpage).

Save The Frogs Grants

Ready To Apply?

Please apply through the application form below. Remember: not all proposals will be funded, but the best ones likely will be, so be sure to submit your most well-crafted proposal.

Best of luck and thank you for spreading amphibian awareness!

Rhacophorus kio Vietnam

Photo of Rhacophorus kio from Vietnam by Thuong Nguyen

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