SAVE THE FROGS! Scholarship Applications

Save The Frogs Scholarships

SAVE THE FROGS! is pleased to offer scholarships to dedicated environmental conservationists with financial needs. Scholarships cover the entire cost of SAVE THE FROGS! Membership, giving the recipient access to SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, the SAVE THE FROGS! Community and a variety of educational resources and amphibious offerings available exclusively to members.

SAVE THE FROGS! Scholarships serve two primary purposes:

(1) T​o enable scholarship recipients to improve their abilities to protect amphibians and otherwise assist environmental conservation efforts; and

(2) To increase the number of people on the planet actively engaged in SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation​​ efforts.

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Scholarship Benefits

SAVE THE FROGS! Scholarship Recipients receive SAVE THE FROGS! Membership at no cost. Benefits include:

  • Access to SAVE THE FROGS! Academy, which holds an array of educational materials related to amphibian conservation. The Academy serves as an invaluable archive for any dedicated amphibian conservationist.
  • Access to our monthly online SAVE THE FROGS! Office Hours, in which members can connect and seek advice on their current projects directly from SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger and other amphibian experts.
  • Eligibility to apply for SAVE THE FROGS! Grants
  • Access to the SAVE THE FROGS! Discord Server, which we use to communicate, share knowledge and connect with other SAVE THE FROGS! Members.

“I am very grateful that you granted me scholarship access: it has really helped me with my non-fiction children’s picture-book about frogs. There’s so much to learn about these fantastic creatures and you’re doing a fantastic job of getting it all out there. Well done!

— Leah Ingledew, United Kingdom

Litoria pearsoniana three year plan

Cascade Treefrog (Litoria pearsoniana) photo by Daniel Pomfret

How Scholarships Are Made Possible

These scholarships are made possible by the dues paying members of SAVE THE FROGS!. Specifically, we provide scholarships in exact accordance with the number of dues paying members we have. Thus the more dues paying members we have, the more scholarships we can disburse. As such, if you are reading this and you can afford to pay for a membership, we strongly encourage you to do so: you will not only be acquiring a multitude of benefits for yourself, you will also enable us to deliver one of these scholarships to an amphibian conservationist with financial needs.

“SAVE THE FROGS! matters because of the importance of frogs in a variety of ecosystems. Membership is another way I can have an impact.”— Rhonda Wright

Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni

Photo of the glass frog Hyalinobatrachium fleischmanni submitted to the SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest by Bruce Jones.

Scholarship Eligibility

You should apply for a scholarship if and only if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You have a genuine interest in amphibians and the SAVE THE FROGS! mission;
  • You wish to improve your knowledge of amphibians, increase your effectiveness as an amphibian conservationist, and expand your network in the amphibian conservation community;
  • You have financial difficulties that prevent you from being able to pay for a SAVE THE FROGS! Membership; and
  • You plan to take advantage of the benefits received from your SAVE THE FROGS! Membership and be a proactive member of the SAVE THE FROGS! Community.
Philippines Polymath Society

The Polymath Society celebrates the 10th Annual Save The Frogs Day in the Philippines

Apply For A SAVE THE FROGS! Scholarship Here

To apply for a SAVE THE FROGS! Scholarship, fill out the application below. We suggest putting some thought into the answers and using your finest writing skills, as we are limited in the number of scholarships we can disburse. We will be in touch within 14 days of receiving your application. Thank you for your interest in SAVE THE FROGS!

STEP 1: Log in to the site if you are not already! Be sure to use the same email address you originally created an account with. Alternatively, if you have no SAVE THE FROGS! Account, create an account and get 28 days free SAVE THE FROGS! Academy access here.

STEP 2: Once logged in, look immediately below this line to determine your membership status. 

Step 3: Apply if you are not yet a member, and would like a scholarship.

Save The Frogs Scholarships

Frog art by Jessie Robertson

More About Members & Memberships

“For me SAVE THE FROGS! has been a great platform to enhance my knowledge and work actively for amphibian conservation and I feel proud to be a member of STF!”

— SAVE THE FROGS! Scholarship Recipient Manoj Pokharel, Nepal

Salvador Dali frogs calling at wetland KK Midjourney AI

Salvador Dali style frog art by SAVE THE FROGS! Founder Dr. Kerry Kriger created in Midjourney.

duttaphrynus melanostictus

Photo of Duttaphrynus melanostictus from Bangladesh by Animesh Ghose