SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest

save the frogs photo contest

The 2021 SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest will be announced in early-2020.

Amphibian populations worldwide are in the midst of a mass extinction crisis, yet most people are completely unaware! We need your help in getting the word out: we encourage all nature lovers to enter the inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest! The contest will raise awareness of the amphibian extinction problem by getting people involved and interested, and the photos will be used on t-shirts, stickers, books, and in webpages and social media posts to both publicize our cause and raise funds for SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation efforts.

View The 2017 Photo Contest Winners Here
Frequently Asked Questions | Photo Contest Terms & Conditions

save the frogs photo contest
I love this – the photo contest! Not only will I enter, I’ll promote it amongst other nature photographers I know in Colorado and elsewhere. The $10 entry is low enough to encourage participation with a win-win outcome for the photographer as well as STF! with your 50-50 jackpot split. Such a great idea!
— Choti Singh, Colorado, SAVE THE FROGS! Volunteer & Ecotourist

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Who Can Enter?

Anybody! People of all ages, nationalities, and skill levels are encouraged to enter. We encourage amateur and professional photographers to take part. The SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest serves as an excellent method for getting nature lovers interested in both frogs and photography and we encourage everyone with excellent amphibian photos to take part.


  • Anuran (Frogs & Toads)
  • Caudates (Salamanders & Newts)
  • Gymniophones (Caecilians)
  • Young Photographers (Must Be Under 18 At Time Of Submission)

Enter For Free — Or Pay $10 To Be Eligible For The Grand Prize

There are two ways to enter the SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest:

  1. Pay $10 and you will be eligible for the amazing Grand Prize (described below); or
  2. Enter for free. Free entries are eligible for the Category Prizes but are NOT eligible for the Grand Prize. Free entries are not eligible for any cash prize.

We encourage all photographers with excellent photos to choose the $10 option: not only does this help fund our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts, but it also makes you eligible for winning the Grand Prize, which is CASH! All paying contestants will receive a digital Certificate of Participation.


Did we mention that there will be prizes? There will be one Grand Prize Winner and four Category Winners.

The Grand Prize Winner will:

(1) Receive half of the Jackpot. This is CASH!

  • The more paying contestants, the larger the Jackpot.
  • The Jackpot equals ($9.48) * (the number of paying contestants).
  • The $9.48 represents a contestant’s $10 entry fee minus credit card processing fees.
  • Thus if there are 1,000 paying contestants, the jackpot would equal $9,480…of which the Grand Prize winner would win half ($4,740).
  • Are you wondering where the other half of the Jackpot goes? The Grand Prize Winner and SAVE THE FROGS! split the jackpot, with the SAVE THE FROGS! half going directly to our worldwide amphibian conservation efforts!

(2) See their winning photograph featured on the SAVE THE FROGS! website.

(3) Receive frog fame!

The Category Winners will:

frog photo contest

Contest Rules

  1. The Contest runs from March 1st to September 1st, 2021.
  2. Submitted photos must have been taken by the contestant! Do not submit photos taken by anybody else.
  3. Your photo should be high resolution.
  4. Photos must be digitally submitted through the official contest entry form.
  5. You may submit up to five photos.
  6. Photos can feature frogs, toads, salamander, newts or caecilians.
  7. Photos can be full-color or black & white. It’s up to you!
  8. Photos can be manipulated using editing software.
  9. Only photos of amphibians in the wild will be eligible for prizes.
  10. Photos cannot have watermarks, photographer names or text added to them.
  11. Submission of artwork constitutes your agreement to the SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest Terms & Conditions. Please read these over, as they describe your rights to the submitted photos as well as ours.

frogs photo contest
Isthmohyla melaceana from Honduras photo by Tom Brown

Prepare Your Photos For Submission

Now that you have taken your amazing photo of a wild amphibian, please follow these guidelines for naming your photo(s) properly.
Photos must be named like:

  • firstname-lastname-country-species.jpg
    For example: kerry-kriger-usa-rana-catesbeiana.jpg
  • Do not guess the species if you don’t know it, in which case you could write john-smith-usa.
  • If you are submitting multiple photos and need to differentiate the filenames, please add a number at the end of each filename.
    For example: kerry-kriger-usa-rana-catesbeiana-1.jpg and kerry-kriger-usa-rana-catesbeiana-2.jpg

When you are submitting your photo, you will be asked to fill in a description field for each photo. Please include:

  • The name of species if known (but don’t guess);
  • The country, state/province, and name of the park/reserve where amphibian was found, if known. Do not give any more precise geographical data than that;
  • Any other info you want us or the public to know about the photo (optional).
  • Photos must be no larger than 10MB.

wildlife photo competition
The first photo ever submitted to the SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest. Photo by Nick Gustafson, Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest.
“I love frogs and take pictures of them every chance I get! I am happy to help SAVE THE FROGS! whenever I can…
– Nick Gustafson

Submit Your Photos Here!

Have you read the Contest Rules and the Photo Contest Terms & Conditions? If not, please do so now.


Please Spread The Word!

To make this contest successful we need your help spreading the word! Please email the following parapgraph to your friends and colleagues, using Frog Photo Contest as the subject. You could also post this to your social media sites…

SAVE THE FROGS! ( has announced its first SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest. The goal of the contest is to raise awareness of the mass extinction of amphibians that is currently taking place worldwide. There are cash prizes and the best photos will be used on eco-friendly SAVE THE FROGS! merchandise and in educational materials to raise funds for SAVE THE FROGS! amphibian conservation efforts. Please spread the word to any wildlife photographers you know, and feel free to submit your finest amphibian photos. Please visit to learn more. Thanks!

More Ways To Help SAVE THE FROGS!

There are lots of ways photographers can help SAVE THE FROGS! and thereby help us guarantee that we never have to experience a world without frogs! Please support SAVE THE FROGS! worldwide amphibian conservation efforts:

  • When you post amphibian photos to your social media account, link to and use @savethefrogs and #savethefrogs
  • Order a SAVE THE FROGS! t-shirt, tote bag, wristband, bumper sticker or other cool frog merchandise from the SAVE THE FROGS! Gift Center.
  • Donate to SAVE THE FROGS!SAVE THE FROGS! is a 501(c)(3) public charity, so all donations are 100% tax-deductible. We cannot exist without your support, and every donation matters, regardless of size. Thank you for your support!

“Hello there! Leah Klehn, Art Director of SAVE THE FROGS! here to emphasize how important it is to donate. As a non-profit organization all our funds come from you guys, our supporters. And what we have accomplished so far has been made possible from our very lovely frog lovers. I can safely say for all SAVE THE FROGS! crew, thank you! So let’s keep this ball rolling and help frogkind!”


Helping amphibians
Supporting the environment
Good Karma points
Funding for education
The list goes on! So please, donate today!”
— Leah Klehn

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Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any questions not answered here, or suggestions, please contact us and write Photo Contest in the subject line!

Ololygon luizotavioi a Santuario do Caraco
Ololygon luizotavioi from Santuario do Caraco, Minas Gerais, Brazil