Our Values

Save The Frogs members

SAVE THE FROGS! Members aspire to be:

1. Protectors.
First and foremost, SAVE THE FROGS! Members protect amphibians and their habitats, and do not cause harm to amphibians.

2. Lifelong Learners.
SAVE THE FROGS! Members continuously and comprehensively educate themselves about amphibian conservation.

3. Educators.
SAVE THE FROGS! Members actively educate their local and online communities about amphibians and ways to protect them.

4. Advocates.
SAVE THE FROGS! Members advocate in their community for changes that directly benefit amphibian populations.

5. Ambassadors.
SAVE THE FROGS! Members represent the SAVE THE FROGS! community in the best light to other organizations and to the public, and encourage others to join the movement.

6. Stewards.
To the extent of their abilities, SAVE THE FROGS! Members protect, create, and restore amphibian habitat.

7. Voters.
SAVE THE FROGS! Members vote for politicians who respect the environment, and take actions to ensure that environmentally beneficial legislation is approved.

8. Volunteers.
SAVE THE FROGS! Members voluntarily contribute their time to amphibian conservation projects and actions that inspire them, when they have the required skills and their time allows.

9. Contributors.
SAVE THE FROGS! Members donate to SAVE THE FROGS! annually at a level that is personally meaningful to them, as they understand that our worldwide movement requires funding to succeed and thrive.

You can become a SAVE THE FROGS! Member here.

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Ptychohyla sanctaecrucis

Ptychohyla sanctaecrucis art by Jay Manchand