Why People Donate to SAVE THE FROGS!

Why Donate

My number one rule of fundraising is that “Fundraising is critical to mission success”. Over the past decade I have helped raise more than $1,500,000 for worldwide amphibian conservation efforts. As most of SAVE THE FROGS! funding comes via donations from individuals (rather than the government, corporations, foundations or other nonprofits), it is important to know what actually motivates people to donate. I can think of a multitude of reasons people should donate to SAVE THE FROGS!. For instance:

  • Your donation funds efforts that protect amphibian habitat and make our environment cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful.
  • Your donation helps SAVE THE FROGS! staff and volunteers educate thousands of people about amphibians, in a time when the schools and universities are severely lacking in terms of environmental education.
  • Donating fulfills a general human desire to do good, and thus makes you feel good.
  • Donating provides you a potential tax deduction, ensuring that more of your hard earned money gets used for environmental protection and less goes to governmental waste.

But why do people actually donate to SAVE THE FROGS!?

Read on to find out!

Donate Frog
Frog art courtesy of Raikoumoon

Whenever someone donates to SAVE THE FROGS! online (through www.savethefrogs.com/donate or any other platform), I always get an email notification. I usually reply to thank the donor and to ask new donors what inspired them to donate. I get some interesting replies as you can imagine, so I created this webpage on which to put some of my favorites. I’ll be continually adding responses here, so if you enjoy reading these, check back every few weeks. You can easily access this page by typing in www.savethefrogs.com/why-people-donate

Why People Donate To SAVE THE FROGS!

  • “It was actually my son Sidney — he chose SAVE THE FROGS! as a nonprofit to support for his 6th birthday. In other words, I put out an envelope at his party and asked the guests to bring food and donations instead of presents. So we get good food at the party, happy people supporting a good cause, and less crap at my house!”
    — Erica S.

Reasons People Donate
Frog art courtesy Michele Hamill.

  • “Hello Dr. Kerry, Thanks for contacting me and letting me confess you my weird story. To be honest, I’m not a frog lover, neither I’ve been interested in their lives. I am mostly a cat guy. My motivation comes from the memory of a childhood small cruelty act.I think I was around 8 when I saw a small olive frog on the ground. Then, I started throwing small stones at him, till I injured him – I believe I didn’t kill him. But he didn’t run away and kept on looking at me, making me immediately regretting for torturing this little creature. Somehow this incident stuck into the back of my mind and all my life (now I’m 43) I have a kind of guilt towards the species of frogs. If you’d asked me why I don’t have the same guilt towards the hundreds of chicken and pigs that I’ve eaten, I have no answer for you.Last week, after reading something about frogs, got a memory of this old matter and had a flash “if it is still disturbing you, why you don’t do something for frogs,as a compensation?”. So I made a little googling, found you, got convinced that your work is genuine and here I am! As far as I know, here in Greece there are no frog protection groups or movements. Probably they are not considered endangered spices. The biggest ecological problem in this country is deforestation. At least we don’t eat frogs here (apart from a small region called Ioannina) and we don’t dissect them in classrooms.All the best for you, your projects and also have merry holidays!
    –Gerasimos M., Engineer, Larymna, Greece”

Frog Charity
Frog art from India

  • “I had a dream the night before that had frogs in it. So I thought perhaps they are in need of some help. (You probably haven’t have heard that before as a reason someone has donated LOL!) ?
    — Helen”
  • “Hi Kerry! I donated because I believe what you’ve got going is great for the planet. I’m a nature lover and I want to persevere the natural beauty in the world. I’m a photographer in Pennsylvania. I recently had a art fair I was in and decided that half of my profits would go towards a worthy organization to persevere nature and the places I love to take photos at. After a few days of research, SAVE THE FROGS! seemed like a great organization to donate to. Thank you for all that you do. Planet Earth thanks you too!
    -Ron H.”

Donate Environmental Charity
The Lichtle family in action saving frogs in California, raising funds and educating the community about amphibians.

  • “Hi, I have an 85 yr old mother who LOVES frogs. I am a frequent traveler out of John Wayne airport and always admire your big sign by the arrival escalator. Seemed like an obvious gift choice.
    Thank you for what you do.
    Dawn F.”
  • “Hi Kerry, There was recently a frog birth in my complex in Malibu, I had to watch as over the course of a month tons of little baby frogs were squashed under uncaring human feet.  We take their environment then we show no respect. One of the frogs managed to make it to my balcony and I became attached to little Frogger. My cat ate the poor thing this past week 🙁  I was heartbroken.  A friend recommended donating to save other frogs, and the idea was born!  I hope you are fighting the good fight for these wonderful creatures!

    Thanks, Jessica G.”

  • “Hi Kerry,
    We had a frog living in a railroad tie step that comes down to our house. I was replacing the ties and knew the little guy lived there. Sure enough, when I got to his tie he was waiting, so I set him aside, turned to do something and went back to work, picking up the tie and tipping it up end over end to move it. I realized then that he was not in the spot I put him in. My guess is he jumped back into his home and when I tipped it up he got trapped inside. I haven’t seen him since. I wanted to find a new frog native to New York, now that I’m done with the construction, but figured really the best thing I could do would be to donate to your organization. I don’t know if my “karma” is back in synch, but these days anything we can do to support environmental causes is meaningful.
    Best, Tom A.”
  • “I was reading a twitter thread on bad charities and someone brought you up as a counterpoint!”
    — Ian M.

Donation Psychology

Why do you donate to SAVE THE FROGS!? Please email me at kerry@savethefrogs.com and let me know! And if you’ve never donated to SAVE THE FROGS!, we’d appreciate your support in the form of your first donation! Thank you!

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