SAVE THE FROGS! Travel Grants

Save The Frogs Travel Grants

Photo of Ranitomeya-variabilis taken by Melvin Grey during the 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Ecuador Ecotour.

SAVE THE FROGS! Travel Grants assist early career conservationists who require financial assistance to travel to professional conferences, educational trainings or field sites.

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Funding Amount

  • SAVE THE FROGS! Travel Grants generally average US$400.
  • You can request up to US$750.
  • The total amount of disbursements each year will be based on the financial support received from the SAVE THE FROGS! community, so we encourage and appreciate donations to SAVE THE FROGS!.


  • Grant applications can be submitted year round.
  • Decisions will be announced within 28 days of application submission.
  • Funds will be disbursed within 14 days of successful application decision.
  • Final reports should be submitted to SAVE THE FROGS! within 14 days of completing travel.

Grantwriting Tip:
Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your travel…when it could take six weeks to receive the funding you seek.

Save The Frogs Travel Grants

Save The Frogs Day 2017 in Diepsloot, South Africa



  • Travel Purpose
    • Your travel must relate to amphibian conservation.
      • If you are visiting a field site, you must tell us how your fieldwork benefits amphibians.
      • If you are attending a training, you must tell us how your training will increase your likelihood of being a successful amphibian conservationist.
    • If you are attending a conference you must be an active participant (e.g. speaker; workshop leader).
    • Grants may be given to individuals or organizations within the USA.
    • Outside the USA, grants will only be given to nonprofit organizations (e.g. NGO) or official educational organizations (e.g. school or university). Do not apply from outside the USA unless you are affiliated with a nonprofit or educational organization who would serve as the grant recipient.
    • The applicant must be an official member of SAVE THE FROGS!.
    • There are two ways to become a member:
    • Membership has a variety of benefits, so if you care enough about frogs to apply for a grant, you should definitely become a member…plus you must be a member to be eligible for any SAVE THE FROGS! Grant.

Grant Writing Tip #2:
Always ensure you meet all eligibility requirements prior to applying. Contact the grantor if you ever have any questions about your eligibility.

Save The Frogs Travel Awards 

Hyperolius, Ghana


Ready To Apply?

Please apply through the application form below. Remember: not all proposals will be funded, but the best ones likely will be, so be sure to submit your most well-crafted proposal.

Best of luck and thank you for spreading amphibian awareness!

If you see this message rather than an application form, it means you are either not logged in, or you are logged in but your are not listed in our system as an active SAVE THE FROGS! Member. You should log in and if necessary become a member or apply for a scholarship (which would cover your membership).

Frog art from 2020 SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest by Olga Valkova, Russia