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This page is for those amazing frog savers who are organizing or already held a Save The Frogs Day event.

As a Save The Frogs Day event organizer, the first step is to plan your event. The second step is to register your event. The third step is to hold your event. And the final step is to report your event!

By reporting your event, you help SAVE THE FROGS! by: (1) Ensuring we have fabulous photos and stories from your event that we can add to the STF! website; and (2) Enabling us to track the total worldwide impact of Save The Frogs Day, which helps inspire volunteers and donors for years to come. More volunteers and more donors = more frogs saved!

By reporting your amazing Save The Frogs Day event, you also increase your chances of receiving a Save The Frogs Day Grant in the future, as we love to fund groups whose projects are consistent successes.

Save The Frogs Day ReportingSave The Frogs Day Reporting

Prepare To Report Your Save The Frogs Day Event

The ideal event report contains:

  • The number of attendees at your event
  • The number of volunteers at your event
  • A well-written summary of
    • what took place at your event
    • who organized the event
    • where it happened
    • when it happened
    • any links to webpages about your event
  • Digital materials such as:
    • Photos
    • Flyers, banners and other promotional materials you created
    • News coverage
    • Documents you created such as an event report PDF
  • A tally of how much money (if any) your group raised for STF!

Eleutherodactylus cooki

Photo of Eleutherodactylus cooki from Puerto Rico submitted to the 2017 SAVE THE FROGS! Photo Contest by Jan Zegarra.

Report Your Save The Frogs Day Event Here!

On behalf of everyone in the worldwide SAVE THE FROGS! Community, thank you for holding a Save The Frogs Day event, and thank you for completing this Event Report!

Event Reporting STF Day

Cheers! Thank you for reporting your Save The Frogs Day event!

If You Collected Email Addresses

If you collected email addresses of participants and volunteers so that they can receive and be educated by the SAVE THE FROGS! Newsletter, please email them to us (ideally as an .xls or .csv file). Thank you for helping to grow, Grow, GROW our worldwide movement!

environmental event

Thank You So Much For Reporting Your Save The Frogs Day Event!

By letting us know what took place at your event, you have made significantly increased the impact of your event, far beyond the community in which it was held, so we send you a huge thank you for helping SAVE THE FROGS!

Best of luck in all your future amphibian conservation initiatives!

Save The Frogs Day Report

Save The Frogs Day 2019 at Okhreni, Nepal. Okhreni is in Kathmandu district, at the buffer zone of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. Event organized by SAVE THE FROGS! Scholarship Recipient Manoj Pokharel.

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