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“What’s my favorite thing about SAVE THE FROGS!? Just the whole idea of all these people coming together who love frogs and want to save them. Frogs do not deserve to suffer for man’s ignorance. I am an environmental science teacher and believe that humanity needs to change the way we are treating the planet right NOW.” 
— Deb Chabi

Articles About SAVE THE FROGS!

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“Science communication, specifically conservation, is my passion and chosen career goal. SAVE THE FROGS! is a forum and an ally to get the message of conservation heard.” 
— Jim Goad

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“What’s my favorite thing about SAVE THE FROGS!? Their efforts to build support for conservation at the grass root level getting people involved…also conducting projects creating habitat for endangered species. I have been an amphibian lover since a small child.”

— Sharon Hyatt

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“Knowing that frogs act as a barometer for environmental health, it’s so important that we work to protect these delicate species.”

Rory Alden

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“How SAVE THE FROGS! can help me achieve my environmental goals: frogs are very beneficial for environmental ecosystem and an essential component in animal food chain and ecosystem. Frogs also acts as a bio-indicator. SAVE THE FROGS! activities help me gain awareness for saving frogs and the ecosystem.” 🐸

– Moktadir Billah Reza

Articles About Taking Action

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“What’s my favorite thing about SAVE THE FROGS!? Frogs are magnificent animals. People do not realize how much we need frogs and how intelligent they are. I just love frogs.”

— Lynn Martin

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“What’s my favorite thing about SAVE THE FROGS!? They truly educate people — especially children — about the importance of frogs!”

— Lisa Scharin


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“What’s my favorite thing about SAVE THE FROGS!? It gives me hope. I have been despairing for the fate of wildlife, animals and the planet, but knowing there are some good people out there helping animals (WHO HAVE NO VOICE!!!) gives me some strength to not give in to total despair. My environmental goals are for people to stop destroying nature and innocent creatures. So you are doing that. My husband and I donate to you every December. Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of the wonderful and amazing frogs.”

— Arielle S., North Carolina